Loan Conditions

Loan Specifications

Up to 10 years at 9.5% per year
Up to 50% of condo value
1,000,000 Baht minimum loan
Maximum age at end of loan is 60 years (with some flexibility)
Early repayment possible with 2% penalty of remaining principle

Approximately 13,600 Baht per month for each 1,000,0000 for 10 years
(this includes Life Insurance and Property Insurance)
~ US $460, £310 or €350

Loans with balloon payment plans available (up to 50%), which can reduce the monthly payment to 11,300 Baht/month on a 10 year payment plan.
~ US $380, £250 or €290

Many developments are already pre-approved; loans can be arranged in as little as three weeks.
Other developments which have not yet been pre-approved, or resale units may take 6-8 weeks for release of funds.

Buyer Documentation Needed

Valid ID / Passport
Bank statement/s (or equivalent financial data) for six months
(Thailand or borrowers’ home country)
Credit report from country of residence

Property Documentation Needed

Copy of Condo title deed
(Developer can provide this for units which are not yet completed)
Property Appraisal (conducted by the lender’s appraiser)
Lender will contact the developer for this for new buildings.
Receipts for deposit / installment payments to developer

Other Loan Fees

1.25% Lender’s Fee
3.00% Broker’s Fee
Appraisal Fee (Starting at 6,000 baht for a 2,000,000 Baht condo)
This fee increases with the price of the condominium, but very, very slowly.
Foreign Exchange Letter (we can make arrangements for this document)
fee = approx. 10,000 for each 1,500,000 Baht

Land Office Fees

1.00% Mortgage Registration Fee
0.05% Duty Stamp Fee, maximum of 10,000 Baht